This Tik Tok Makeup Hack Really Works


This Tik Tok Makeup Hack Really Works

@nikkietutorials shows us how it's done

Nikkie De Jager is the ultimate makeup queen when it comes to transforming your face with the power of makeup.

The makeup extraordinaire has invented a makeup hack where you are able to contour your nose to any shape you’d like IRL. Let’s have some fun with makeup and try this fool-proof hack.

Step 1

First up, you’ll need your bronzer. Using a fluffy makeup brush, apply the bronzer from the tip of your nose and all the way to the bridge. It might look like a little bit of a mess, but it will pull through. Stick with us babes. 

Step 2

Now, here’s the trick. Reach for your favourite setting or blotting powder. Using a dry beauty blender, you’re going to snatch the sides of your nose. The more you bring this in, the smaller and more contoured your nose is going to appear. 

Step 3 

Take a large, fluffy brush and start buffing the product out until it’s nice and soft.

Step 4

Using the Bali Body Highlighter Stick in your favourite shade, apply a small amount of product with the applicator to the tip and the bridge. Then your done! It's that simple. 

Watch Millie from Bali Body HQ try this nose contouring hack. It really works!

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