The Skincare Rules You Should Be Living By


The Skincare Rules You Should Be Living By

Once you start, you'll never look back

Having a skincare code you stick to is the best way to ensure you’re always putting your best face forward

Want to know what all celebrities, beauty editors and your favourite makeup muses have in common? A set of beauty maxims that they live by. Skincare rules are important, they cover all those major do’s and don'ts that either make or break (out) your skin. Covering everything from the importance of a double cleanse, using SPF and the key to a flawless fake tan. We’ve gathered the top 5 beauty rules to live by that will have your skin looking flawless AF. 

1. Always wash your face before bed (twice)

You’ve heard it a thousand times before and you know you should be doing it, but sometimes either forget or just can’t be bothered? (let’s be honest, babes). There’s no denying that washing your face after a long day is important but have you ever tried washing your face twice? Also known as double cleansing, because the reality is, one wash just isn't enough. While washing your face once removes the surface dirt, a second cleanse will actually be able to penetrate your pores, sweeping away any leftover dirt, SPF or makeup. The key to a good cleanse is using warm water (never too hot) and making sure you massage the skin for at least a minute each cleanse. Getting into bed after a double cleanse feels as great as having fresh sheets.

2. A good fake tan can change your life

You know what they say, nothing feels as good as a tan. Investing in a great fake tan that has you constantly looking like you’re glowing from vitamin D will change your life. The key? Find an easy, no fuss solution and do it flawlessly. The Bali Body Gradual Tan is just that. It’s a hydrating, everyday body lotion with fake tanning benefits. It allows you to build and control your desired colour to achieve the perfect tan. If you’re just after a golden glow for your Monday - Friday grind than apply 1-2 coats over the course of a week, then add an extra application if you’re going out for drinks with your best babes on the weekend. Maintaining a sunkissed summer glow just got a whole lot easier. 

3. Don’t underestimate hydration

One should never be afraid to slather on some much-needed hydration to the skin. It’s the most talked about skincare rule for a reason. It ensures your skin is balanced, keeps it from breaking out and is also essential in making it look dewy and fresh. Investing in a daily moisturiser that is infused with Aloe Vera like the Bali Body Luxe Lotion is a great place to start. The moisture intense lotion is also antioxidant rich, so your skin will be left feeling smooth and soft. For a more on-the-go option, because you should always have multiple hydration heroes in your life, a Hydrating Face & Body Mist kept in your work bag is perfect. 

4. Less is more 

Always prioritise your skin. This doesn't just mean by double cleansing everyday and ensuring your skin is hydrated (as important as they are). This means not having the perfect skin routine then covering it all up with a heavy foundation. This will completely undo all your efforts. While we know that foundation provides maximum coverage, if you’re treating your skin with a less is more approach by swapping foundation for a lightweight BB Cream, you won’t have any annoying pimples to cover. Fact. 

5. Wear SPF everyday

If you didn't already know that you should be wearing SPF on your face everyday, now you know. If you’re already following rule #4, then you’re covered because the Bali Body BB Cream has SPF15 included. You should always try and shop for products that incorporate SPF, so you’re never without. It will protect your face from the sun, avoid premature aging and unwanted pigmentation. Being without a golden complexion is an easy fix with Face Tan Water so you’ve got no reason to go without.

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