The Skincare Mistakes You’re Making


The Skincare Mistakes You’re Making

How many of these are you guilty of?

When it comes to skincare, there’s a few no-no’s we’re all guilty of.

Whether you've forgotten to take your makeup off before bed or haven't used a face mask since 2017, we're all guilty of making skincare sins. While these instances may happen a little too often, they are pretty innocent on the skincare scale. There are however, some more unforgiving skincare mistakes which have longer lasting effects on the skin. We’re here to help you avoid these bad habits and ensure you put your best face forward everyday.

You’re not washing your face right

While we love that you’re so committed to washing your face everyday, you may be overdoing it. Many of us tend to over cleanse our face as we fear makeup residue will be left on the surface of the skin. Over cleansing the face can compromise our pH levels which can lead to sensitive, dry and irritated skin. Using harsh soaps and exfoliants too much can also strip the skin of its natural oils. This is less than ideal, babe. By only washing your face at night, you’ll be sure to wash off the day’s makeup without causing your skin to go into a serious freak out.

You’re squeezing your pimples

As addictive as Dr Pimple Popper is, you shouldn’t take matters into your own hands. Squeezing or picking at your pimples will lead to scarring and hyperpigmentation. When you jab at a red imperfection you can push bacteria deeper into the skin. Gross right? The resolution: resisting the temptation to attack your pimple at all costs and instead finding a spot treatment cream that clears and treats the imperfection from the outside in. We are loving the Mario Badescu drying lotion for a fast acting blemish busting treatment.

You’re not giving your neck and chest any TLC

Many of us spend plenty of time lathering the good stuff on our faces, but tend to stop at the jawline. The hard truth is, if we don’t show the neck and décolletage the same amount of love, all of our hard work will be for nothing. Over time, south of your jawline will start to look and feel less firm, aged and dry, nobody has time for that. Next time you’re layering serums, toners and moisturisers on your face, extend the product down your neck and onto your chest. This will ensure a hydrated, moisturised and more importantly, firm neck and decolletage. You can thank us later.

You’re not taking your makeup off before working out

I'm sure we can all picture this: you’ve finally built up the motivation to go to a pump class after work but the thought of removing your makeup is not on the agenda. Instant regret sets in as soon as sweat runs over your eyelids dragging foundation, eyeshadow and mascara into your eyes, before becoming trapped in your open pores. Unfortunately, the only thing getting pumped up now is a massive pimple. So, take 20 seconds to wash your face with lukewarm water and coconut oil before hitting the gym then when you get home do a thorough cleanse. Did you know that coconut oil is actually an amazing makeup remover? plus it's super gentle and 200% natural, so you won't have to worry about that "double cleansing" thing when you get home. This will ensure your skin is free from nasties and you’re ready to give your class all you’ve got.

You’re not checking the ingredients

Reading ingredients can be difficult, especially when they're in tiny font and are about 32 letters long. While there are too many bad ingredients to name, one of the most common ingredients to look out for and avoid completely are parabens. Put simply, parabens are chemicals. They’re used to prolong shelf life in almost all shampoos, makeup and moisturisers. Parabens have not only been linked to causing skin to become extremely inflamed and irritated, but can also cause more serious health issues later on in life. At Bali Body we are proud that none of our products contain parabens and are as naturally derived as possible. You can rest easy with BB by your side.

Now it’s time to stop making these easy, everyday mistakes and keep your new skincare routine as bible. If you can’t get enough of these everyday skincare hacks, learn how to hide tired eyes here

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