The Secret To The Perfect Tan


The Secret To The Perfect Tan

All your questions answered

The secret to the most flawless fake tan is as simple as following these 3 steps. 

Perhaps you have just started your fake tan journey? Or you're a seasoned-pro who suffers the occasional fake tan fail? Thankfully, with so many new and innovative tanning products available on the market in 2020, achieving the most flawless fake tan at home is officially easier than ever. You may be surprised to know that it doesn't necessarily come down to just the type of fake tan you’re applying. While that’s important, the real secret is about removing unwanted fake tan before you reapply. Here are 3 of the most common fake tan questions explained in simple terms that will change your fake tan routine for the better. 

1. How to remove fake tan fast?

The Bali Body Self Tan Remover will remove fake tan from your skin in just 5 minutes. It’s an innovative foaming solution that is both incredibly gentle and extremely effective. Apply the white foaming solution generously to your skin using your hands and watch it work it’s magic. Bali Body’s fake tan remover will lift all the product from the skin leaving you with a clean base, free from any unwanted build up or stubborn fake tan spots. You can watch the Bali Body Self Tan Remover in action here

2. Do I need to exfoliate before I apply self tan? 

Yes! Have you ever thought you applied your self tan perfectly, only to wake up with uneven spots that are looking a lot less flawless than you imagined? This is because a great self tan starts with a great base. This means ensuring that all your fake tan is removed along with exfoliating the skin and ensuring it is hydrated prior to your next self tan application. Using the Bali Body Exfoliating Mitt alongside your fake tan remover will not only ensure you have completely removed any product build up but it will also gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells that may be clogging your skin. Ensuring that there is no dead skin build up will also help to keep your skin hydrated, as your moisturising lotion will be able to penetrate more deeply into the skin therefore working more effectively. 

3. What is the best fake tan to use?

Choosing a self tan that works best for you may be a case of trial and error. The Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse - in shades Dark and Ultra Dark - has been formulated with a green base, making it suitable for all skin tones. A green based tanner provides a natural olive bronzed glow, without any orange undertone. Formulated with colour guide technology, it also ensures you can customise your desired tan so suit your natural skin tone perfectly, leaving you with nothing but even coverage and a silky smooth finish.

Shop Bali Body’s extensive range of Self Tan products here. 

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