The Secret to Getting the Perfect Tan


The Secret to Getting the Perfect Tan

If you’re like us, you’re always thinking about heading to the tropics for a much-needed vacay.

As a true BB babe, getting the perfect tan is definitely on your vacay to-do list. But before you start working on your sunkissed glow with a Bali Body Tanning Oil, check out our top tips to getting the perfect tan.


Exfoliate your skin.

Prep yourself before sun tanning to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. This exposes your fresh skin to the suns warm kisses, giving you a long-lasting tan. It will also even out your skin tone and remove pore-clogging dirt, preventing acne. 


Use our SPF Suncare.

The best way to get the perfect golden BB tan is to tan gradually. Use Bali Body Moisturising Sunscreen with SPF15 or our SPF6 Tanning Oils during long summer days and vacays. They'll keep your skin hydrated, protected and glowing from sunrise to sunset. 


Protect and perfect your complexion.

Don't fear, BB is here. The skin on your face is delicate and needs some extra sun protection to avoid lines, wrinkles and damage. Pair our BB Cream SPF15 with your fave fedora to keep your complexion glowing and healthy. 


Use Bali Body Tanning Oils.

Our Tanning Oils are 100% vegan-friendly and packed with natures natural goodness. Moisturise your skin while achieving the golden shade you want with our Cacao Tanning Oil, Watermelon Tanning Oil or Natural Tanning Oil. With ingredients like coconut oil, cacao, watermelon seed oil and almond oil, sun tanning has never been this delicious and golden.


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