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Is This Australia’s Best Fake Tan?

No streaking, no fake tan smell, just a flawless self tan every time

Fake tan, it's right up there with Vegemite for Aussie babes - guaranteed to be found in almost every girls bathroom drawer across the country. 

Australians are fake tan lovers and the options are now endless when selecting the perfect fake tan for you. We've come a long way since the Lindsay Lohan orange hued days, but with so many available, selecting the right fake tanning product can be overwhelming. There's self tanning mousses, lotions, sprays, gradual tanners & instant bronzers just to name a few. So whether you like a deep dark tan or a light natural glow, we’ve found the best fake tan for you. Say hello to the brand new Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse. It's your new hero tanning product that sold out worldwide 3 times, is rated 5 stars and is well on its way to becoming a cult product.

But don't just take our word for it. Already loved by your most trusted beauty editors from Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, it's a must-have for any babe that wants a flawless, streak-free and believable tan every time. So when the beauty editors at Cosmopolitan claim Bali Body's Self Tanning Mousse to be "the cream of the crop" you have to trust them, because “trust us, we've tried them all". Beauty editor, Erin Jahns of Who What Wear also couldn't help but voice her praises, including the Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse in her cult products list saying "I've tried every self-tanning mousse in the business, and there are only about three that I will touch. This one is the best in the industry right now—period."

Results using Bali Body's Self Tanning Mousse

Bali Body's Self Tanning Mousse is a fast-acting mousse based formula with green undertones. This means it's suitable for a variety of skin tones, including fair-skinned babes. Containing 100% natural DHA and being free from any parabens or sulphates makes this fake tan stand out above the rest. DHA is the main ingredient found in fake tans that turns skin from dull to golden. Also known as dihydroxyacetone, DHA is an amino acid that reacts with the outer layer of your skin, darkening its colour and simulating a suntan. Unlike other self tanning brands, Bali Body's Self Tanning Mousse contains only 100% natural DHA. Ensuring that you select a natural DHA is so important, as this is the culprit that often causes skin irritations and eczema.

Bali Body's Self Tanning Mousse is so gentle and natural that even Mumma's to-be can use it. Just because your pregnant doesn't mean you can't be bronzed and extra glowing too. Click here to read more about fake tanning when you're pregnant.

Australia's Best Fake Tan, the Self Tanning Mousse

One of the biggest questions is if you can apply Bali Body's Self Tanning Mousse to your face. With the formula being gentle enough, the answer is yes. However, they have created a new game-changing product designed especially for fake tanning your face, neck and chest. Introducing the Bali Body Face Tan Water. Already anticipated to be a cult product in the fake tanning game, the clear translucent liquid applies like a toner and transforms your complexion to golden and glowing within hours. Read more about this skincare meets fake tan product here.

Being the experts in bronzed skin, Bali Body has rounded up some tips and tricks every babe needs to know to achieve the perfect natural looking fake tan at home. Starting the day before you tan, exfoliate your entire body to ensure that your skin is smooth and free from any dry skin. Should you wish to de-fuzz too, it's recommended to shave 24 hours before you fake tan.

Applying your fake tan at night is what most babes opt for, it means you can get into your loose comfy clothes and settle in for another episode of MAFS. But for babes that need to apply it in the morning, don't worry Bali Body's fake tan doesn't have that fake tan scent and won't transfer on to your clothes. Nobody will even know you've just applied a fresh layer of tan.

Before you tan, apply a pearl-size amount of moisturiser to any areas that the skin is more coarse, think feet, heels, ankles and elbows. The moisturiser works like a barrier on the skin, diluting the results of your fake tan. This is a crucial step to prevent any tan building up in these areas.

Looking for the best fake tan?

Formulated with colour guide technology, application of the mousse has never been easier. The formula spreads evenly, resulting in a streak-free tan every time. For the best results, use a tanning mitt such as Bali Body's Luxe Tanning Mitt. The velvet-like material distributes the product evenly, for an airbrushed filter-like result - minus the fake tan hands. The benefit of a mitt means that there's less product wastage, equaling more tan- bonus! After your application, rinse the mitt under warm soapy water and leave to dry. You'll be able to continue to use it time and time again.

Because the Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse is so intensely pigmented, you'll only need 2-3 pumps per application area. Using long sweeping motions, start on your chest working the product down to your hands and then again from your thighs down to your feet. For a deep dark tan, you may wish to apply a second layer of product 5 minutes after your first application. As a guide, these are the times to keep track of to achieve your desired fake tan hue. Leave the product on for 2-3 hours for a sunkissed glow, 4-5 hours will achieve an 'I've just spent the day at Bondi Beach' look. For a deep dark Euro vacay kinda tan, leave the product on for 6-8 or longer hours before showering.

Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse

Using Bali Body's Self Tanning Mousse will also benefit your skin while you're bronzed and glowing. It’s enriched with nourishing oils and ingredients that smooth and hydrate your skin. The coffee extract found in the Self Tanning Mousse contains a high level of antioxidants, credited for keeping your skin looking youthful while also combating the appearance of cellulite. Pomegranate extract is packed full of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, making it amazing at tightening skin, improving tone and encouraging a youthful glow. Coconut oil is also found in this multi-tasking self tan. A powerful natural anti-viral oil that rejuvenates and protects the skin for glowing goodness. The addition of coconut oil also means that your tan is here to stay and assists with it fading naturally and evenly after 5-7 days.

To prolong the life of your natural looking tan, moisturiser should become a part of your daily mantra along with your daily matcha latte and Daily Mail trawl. Keeping your skin hydrated will avoid any streaking or patches occurring while your glow begins to fade. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or expert fake tanner, using the Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse will give you the most believable fake tan available. It's sold out 3 times and already has a waitlist for the restock, no wonder babes all over the world rate this Self Tanning Mousse 5 stars.

Kara Del Toro using Bali Body's Self Tanning Mousse

Here are what some of the BB babes have to say about Bali Body's 5 star rated Self Tanning Mousse.

"I absolutely love this product. I apply it once a week and get to enjoy a sunless tan all week long. It’s very natural looking and it applies evenly. This will be my go-to sunless tanner for as long as it’s available!" - Sara P

"Amazing, Just as good as what you see on Instagram! You can leave it on anywhere from 1-8 hours depending on the tan you want and it doesn't leave streaks at all! I did my back myself and was scared it would be splotchy but it washed off smooth and even! Lasts for about a week." - Kaitlin T

"For anyone on the fence about this product I would highly recommend you get it! I was weary ordering it because I discovered Bali Body on Instagram and wasn't sure if it would be legitimate especially because I found no negative reviews, which never happens. But after using myself I can see why! It was such a natural looking tan and I absolutely loved it!" - Paige P

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Bali Body: Australia's favourite fake tan 

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