The Best BB Cream For Dry Skin


The Best BB Cream For Dry Skin

Say goodbye to dry skin with this BB Cream

Over your skin drying out every time you add foundation? It’s time to invest in a BB Cream for a boost of hydrating coverage.

Are you suffering from dry skin despite your best efforts to moisturise and cleanse daily? You’re not alone babe. Dry skin is a symptom caused by a range of conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, dehydration and the weather. While the heat and the air conditioner can dry out your skin in the summer months, low temps, low humidity, harsh winds and a non-stop heater can do even more damage in winter. Although there is no escaping the Aussie elements, there is a BB Cream that can save your dry skin with its hydrating superpowers.

The Bali Body BB Cream is a skin saviour for babes suffering from dry skin. It is the ultimate do-it-all product combining your moisturiser, sunscreen, anti-aging skincare and foundation in one tube of dewy complexion perfection. There’s no arguing with the facts, here is why the Bali Body BB Cream is the best BB cream for dry skin.

Pull in moisture: The hyaluronic acid in the Bali Body BB Cream attracts moisture to hydrate, plump and soften skin. While it naturally occurs in the body, we lose 1% of hyaluronic acid each year so topical application is essential to moisturise and hold moisture on the skin.

Lock in hydration: As much as using a moisturising product is essential, ensuring the moisture doesn't evaporate is just as important. The Bali Body BB Cream is enriched with marine collagen, green tea extract and grape seed oil to not only lock in hydration but help firm, plump and renew the skin.

Dewy is best: Ditch the matte formulas if you have dry skin. Matte products often contain ingredients that absorb oil which is everything you don't want when your skin is as dry as the Sahara Desert already. A dewy and creamy formula like the Bali Body BB Cream will provide a barely-there looking finish to give your face a healthy, hydrated glow.

A good BB Cream will go that extra mile to ensure your dry skin gets all the TLC and hydration it needs. The radiant BB Cream by Bali Body will provide your skin the perfect amount of coverage while blurring out imperfections and making everyday a good skin day. Enriched with SPF15, it will also protect against the sun while providing long-lasting moisture.

The Bali Body BB Cream is one of the best products you can own in your beauty arsenal to fight dry skin goodbye all year round. Start saving your bad skin days today. 

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