Meet Summer. She's a BB babe, mum & owner of our fave shop in Bali, Atilla & Co. We sat down with her to chat all things mum life, island life & of course BB life. 


Your fave way to start the day is…

    Well I won't lie, they start pretty early. Average 6am with a toddler. But it's the best when she runs over to open the curtains to wake us up and then a big sloppy kiss. Cuddles in bed looking over the rice paddies is pretty amazing each day. Then coffee.

    With being a Mum & running Atilla & Co, you must be always on the go. What is your number 1 fave beauty cheat that’s quick, easy and always leaves you looking & feeling your best?

    It's go go go from 6am until 9pm each day, but I love it. Everything has to be quick and easy otherwise my leg is being tugged at by a small human. Living in Bali, it’s hot and humid. Everything melts off your face, so I keep it as minimal as possible. My everyday essential is the Bali Body BB cream, doesn't need to be heavy, just a quick overall cover, leaving my skin tone even and feeling light and fresh.


    Your fave BB product & why?

    Definitely the Natural Tanning & Body Oil. It keeps my skin hydrated & reduces stretch marks while being pregnant. I love that it's not just a tanning product. I actually mainly apply just before I go to bed so my skin doesn't dry out.




    Owning a store in Bali must be exciting, tell us a little about @atillaco and how it came about?

    A passion to create and try something completely out of our comfort zone. We love this island and we wanted to stay, create a life and raise a family. We started by just making items for ourselves that we loved, then that grew to friends wanting them, which has now turned into a full time business for us. We only stock our favourite brands in our stores, including Bali Body.



    We can see baby number 2 is on the way… tell us what a day in the life of Summer looks like?

    Day clubs and tanning all day.. I wish. That's what most people think I do. Our mornings are usually the busiest, getting our family and staff all organised for the day. We do as much as possible in the mornings, then we always have lunch together as a family. As for afternoons, we are lucky to have the flexibility to head down the beach for a swim. This is why we live here, to enjoy family and friends whenever we feel throughout the day.


    You live the island life, every single day, but give us your top 4 things to pack for vacay?

    Bikini, Bali Body BB Cream & Tanning Oils, my linen Milos playsuit by Atilla & Co and of course a camera to snap every memory we can.


    If any of our BB babes are in Bali, be sure to drop into Atilla & Co to stock up on all your fave Bali Body products. They've got everything from our best selling BB Cream to our New Pineapple Tanning Oil.


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