How To Get a Seriously Deep Tan This Summer


How To Get a Seriously Deep Tan This Summer

A step by step guide to looking like the ultimate bronzed babe.

At Bali Body, it's clear that summer is our favourite time of year. Deep golden tans and glowing skin are our thing. Babes across the globe ask us everyday how to get that dark tan they've waited all winter for. We have 3 products to ensure your tan game is stronger than Beyonce's social media following.


Grab your towel, best babe and Watermelon Tanning Oil. Our Watermelon Tanning Oil gives the deepest tan out of all four tanning oils. With this fresh tanning oil by your side, you'll enjoy more than just a deep tan. It also hydrates, repairs and rejuvenates the skin elasticity. It not only smells like a juicy watermelon but is enriched with watermelon seed extract to naturally boost melanin.


It's one thing to get a natural tan, but keeping it golden and glowing is another story. To ensure you don’t wake up with skin as dry as the Sahara desert, you need to moisturise. Hydration is the key to soft, smooth and seriously glowing skin. With our Luxe Body Lotion your skin will never felt so creamy and dreamy. It's packed with a blend of natural oils and Vitamin E to deeply nourish your skin. Fresh, light and fast absorbing this will leave your skin as silky smooth as Persian silk.


Heading out on a balmy summer night? Let's enhance that tan you've been working on. Shimmer and shine into the night with our Shimmering Body Oil. When you catch the light, you’ll be shining bright like a diamond. With hints of gold shimmer, our hydrating body oil provides an instant bronzed sheen to add some bling to your natural suntan. This fast drying body oil and is the perfect accessory for a night out.

Beach, sleep, moisturise, repeat.

Want to know how to prep your skin for summer, click here 

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