Autumn Skincare Essentials


Autumn Skincare Essentials

It's time to change up your skincare routine

In sad news for every babe who’s spent the last few months perfecting their summer skincare routine, the new season calls for a change.

As always, the ultimate goal is healthy, glowing skin. The process of getting there just changes a little bit from season to season. While summer is all about letting your skin breathe and keeping products light, Autumn needs a little bit more nourishing and a whole lot of hydration. If you have noticed your skin breaking out a little more than usual the past few weeks, that’s literally Autumn knocking on your skincare routine’s door, asking you to switch it up.

Look at Autumn as the transitional phase between summer skincare and winter skincare, it’s the 3-month trial period to ensure your skin doesn’t resemble a long and dry desert road due to the cool change in the air. Here is how you can transition your skincare routine for Autumn like a pro.

When you think about going into the cooler months, you probably think about losing your sun-kissed tan you spent the summer getting. What you might not think about is the fact that our tans don’t just fade, our (dead) skin sheds and is replaced by new skin. While that new skin may not be as bronzed, it is certainly smooth and soft and to get that feeling from head to toe, you need to exfoliate. Don’t panic about losing your tan either babes, we have a solution for that coming. A gentle exfoliation a few times a week will not only remove dead skin cell build up but it also means that your Autumn skincare will sink in deeper, locking in more moisture and delivering better results.

Using oil based skincare products is the best way to provide intense hydration after an Aussie summer heatwave. If you’re an avid moisturiser (good gal) then a healthy dose of the Luxe Moisturising Lotion day and night is perfect. If you’re a babe who more often than not gets out of the shower and just ‘forgets’ such a crucial step, then it’s time you try a different hydrating serum. Our Natural Tanning & Body Oil is the perfect product that will hydrate and smooth your skin without technically moisturising. Lather it all over your body immediately after you have finished washing your bod & hair in the shower and just pat yourself dry when you hop out. The rich coconut, grape seed and jojoba oils in the product will continue to soak into your skin post shower and provide all the skin rejuvenation a babe needs.

#BBProTip: While we’re going to all this effort to keep your Autumn skin hydrated, make sure you don’t put your Moisturising SPF15 Sunscreen away just yet. Despite the overcast days, it’s still a necessity. Remember, SPF to impress BB babes.

One of the biggest concerns in Autumn is blotchy skin. Going from a sunny 30 degrees one day to a cool 18 degrees the next can cause some serious havoc on our skin, pores, life - let’s be honest. This is where the Bali Body Face Tan Water comes in. It tones, brightens your complexion, evens out your skin tone and even provides a long list of anti-aging benefits. Did we mention it also won’t block your pores? This buildable, lightweight water will leave your face, neck & décolletage with a flawless and radiant tan, no blotchy skin in sight. Achieve the same flawless tan for the rest of your bod using our Self Tanning Mousse, for a this-is-still-my-summer-tan shade of bronze we recommend keeping it on for 3 hours. No one will ever know.

Add some dewy perfection to your skin with our cult status BB Cream. The multi-tasking beauty cream will do all the things you need it too, plus more. Its lightweight texture will provide your face with ultra-hydration while giving you a flawless dewy, sheer glow. Paired alongside the Face Tan Water, you have skin perfection with a whole lotta love, minus the breakouts. Top your Autumn look off with some Coconut Lip Balm to keep chapped lips in summer and you’re ready to take on Autumn - good skin included.

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