Are You Making One Of These Self Tanning Mistakes?


Are You Making One Of These Self Tanning Mistakes?

What 'not' to do for a flawless fake tan

Can’t seem to nail your self tanning routine? Well keep reading babes, this one is for all the rookies.

Since delving head first into the self tanning world with our game-changing Self Tanning Mousse, we have noticed that a lot of babes out there have either 1: never used a fake tan before because they’re too scared or 2: have used a product but can't seem to nail the application on their own.

Giving yourself a perfect golden glow at home can be a tricky process if you don't know what you’re doing. For many babes, the challenge is achieving that flawless sun-kissed glow without it looking streaky, patchy or just plain orange. The good news is, once you know what the biggest self tanning mistakes are and more importantly, how to avoid them, you will be left with nothing but that famous Bali Body tan every time.

1. Not using the correct fake tanning formula for your skin type

An easy mistake made all too often is not using the right product to suit your skin type and tone. Many self tans on the market are made specifically for only pale skin or only bronze skin. The best solution to this is purchasing a product that has been made to suit ALL skin tones.

The Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse has been created with a green base to suit all skin tones - no matter how fair and dark your natural colouring is. Our fake tan is also made with a game changing colour guide technology. This ensures it automatically tailors the perfect shade of tan to your skin tone.

2. Forgetting to wash your applicator mitt after every use

Avoid putting old tanner onto your skin by washing your applicator mitt with warm soapy water after each use. A dirty mitt is loaded with old tanner that can leave your faux bronze skin looking splotchy and uneven. Make sure your Luxe Applicator Mitt is not only clean (of both tan and soap from washing) but also dry before you start using it. 

3. Shaving too soon - or too late

Fact: fake tan applies better to hair free skin. Whether you shave, wax or thread, ensure you do it 24 hours before tanning. This is the perfect amount of time to ensure your hair follicles have enough time to recover as well as ensuring you have a silky, smooth canvas to tan on. 

Applying tan too soon after hair removal can often cause a spotty pitted look as your tanner will sit in your pores. Once you have bronzed up, it’s also recommended to avoid hair removal of any kind for as long as you can for a longer lasting tan.

4. Not scrubbing before you tan

The most important ‘must do’ before you tan is ensuring you scrub your base before tanning. Exfoliating before your tan will remove any residue tan as well as dead skin that lies on the top layer of your skin. Along with shaving, it’s best to do this step 24 hours before tanning.

5. Not moisturising before and after you tan

Fake tan and dry skin can be a risky combination when trying to achieve your perfect bronzed tan. The solution? Ensure you moisturise before AND after you tan, daily. Prior to your tan, moisturise your full body post-exfoliation. Then just before tan application apply a small amount to dry problem areas (hands, elbows, knees and feet).

This will make sure that your new found (fake) tan will be the same colour all over and won't stick onto your dry skin. A daily application of our Luxe Moisturising Lotion will then ensure your tan lasts a good 7-10 days and fades off evenly. 

It’s officially time to stop fretting about streaks and orange palms. As long as you continue to avoid these easy mistakes, you’ll be adding “self-confessed tanoholic” to your Instagram bio in no time.

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