A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out


A Guide To Getting Ready For A Night Out

Girl squad assemble

You know what they say, work hard, play harder. If you’re a #girlboss that’s spent all week slaving away in the office, you know that Friday feeling. Do you stay in and have a Gossip Girl marathon or do you round up your girl squad and hit the club? As much as you want to be good and stay in, you know that is absolutely never going to happen. What’s that saying again? No one looks back at their life and remembers the nights they went to bed early. So, call up your BFF’s because you’re going out for a cocktail (or 5). Isn’t that what weekends are for?

You could give us girls 3 days to get prepared for a night out and we still wouldn’t be ready to go when the Uber arrives. Despite what Beyonce may have you believe, we did not wake up like this. Looking this good takes time. Here’s the official Bali Body guide to glowing up and going out.

1. Get prepped

The first step to looking like a 10 on nights out is having one of “those” showers. You know what we mean. Hair: washed. Body: scrubbed. Legs: shaved. It’s all about that base, babe. It may take an extra 45 minutes out of your day, but you know it’s worth every second. Doesn’t matter if it’s strictly girls night or you’re meeting up with bae, this step is not to be skipped. Bible.


2. Perfect your (fake) tan

You're going out, which calls for you to look nothing less than a bronzed goddess. But considering you haven’t been on vacay for the past year and a half, you'll have to fake it till you make it. Post spray tan, pre night out, apply a layer of our instant Bronzing Lotion for the most flawless bronzed bod you’ve ever seen. This hydrating body lotion will even out any streaks or missed spots from the fake tan, blur imperfections and reduce redness. It’s kinda like foundation but for your body.

3. Eat like a queen

There’s nothing cute about calling it early because that last Fireball shot really put you over the edge. Line that stomach girl. You need a whole lot of energy to be MVP of the night. Having a big meal before going out is essential. Whether it’s avocado on toast, a veggie sandwich, sweet potato salad, cheese toasties or sushi. Whatever your preferred pre-game meal is, do not skip it. Drinking on an empty stomach is literally worse than texting your ex boyfriend at 3am.


4. Drink up

And by drink, we mean water, not champagne. This one seems stupidly obvious, but between painting your nails and straightening your hair, drinking water can be easy to forget. Staying hydrated is key to avoiding a stage 5 hangover. So before you start sipping on margaritas, make sure you sip that h20.


5. Glow baby, glow

Trust us here, shimmer is back. We’re not talking sparkles and glitter (this isn’t 2003), we’re talking bronzed and glowing goodness. It’s 2018 and luminous legs are a MUST to go with your LBD. BB babes fave Shimmering Body Oil for a night out? you guessed it, ours. It’s fast drying, hydrating, lightweight and leaves you looking like you just stepped off the plane from Ibiza. It’s enriched with bronze and gold mica particles (also known as shimmer dust) to create a luminous, sun-kissed glimmer on the skin. Every babe should be reaching for our bottle of liquid gold before any night out.

Getting ready for a night out with your best babes is almost like a sacred ritual in a way. Hair, wine, make-up, outfits, music, insta pics and Ubers. Tbh sometimes the “getting ready” part is actually better than waiting 30 minutes for a cocktail in a club. Every babes got their own little routine and we here at BB swear by this one to stay glowing and gorgeous all night long. 


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