5 Beauty Products That Are Trending & Why


5 Beauty Products That Are Trending & Why

Beauty movements that will change everything 

The best beauty and skincare movements you’ll see on your Instagram feed.

Just when you thought beauty products couldn't get any more exciting and innovative, new launches show up everyday to give them a serious run for their money. New brands are born weekly and product launches seem non-stop. Despite the endless stream of trends taking over social media, only a few are significant enough to last the mile. What makes a product really stand out from the rest? While packaging and branding help, it’s the product inside the bottle that matters. If it’s not seriously impressive, it doesn't make the cut. Here are 5 products that you’ll see on your Instagram feed, the red carpet and backstage at some of the worlds best beauty events because, #trending.

Water Based Fake Tan 
Fake tanning your face can be a tricky beast for even the self proclaimed fake tan addicts among us. That’s because most products on the market are created for tanning your body first and face second. It’s time to forget everything you think you knew about fake tanning your face babe, because water based fake tan specifically created for your face is here. The facial self tanner feels like water, doesn’t smell and won’t ruin your complexion or bed sheets. Gone are the days of applying a regular fake tanner to your face only to be left with clogged pores and a nasty breakout just before your big night out. A face tan water, which is as easy to apply as your toner, provides a bronzed complexion, skincare benefits (thanks Rose Water) and ultimate hydration. Want to combine the best of fake tan and skincare into 1 do-it-all product? Shop the Bali Body Face Tan Water now.

Plumping Lip Gloss
Kylie Jenner may have made the lip injection a (huge) thing back in 2016, but 2019 is the year of plumping lip gloss. The gloss is not only a cheaper, easier and way less invasive option than fillers but it also comes with zero regrets after use. We can’t say the same for lip injections. Using the product is as simple as gliding the lip plumper on your lips like you would any gloss. The tingling sensation tells you it’s working, with your lips looking full and pouty from the first application. Perfect for every babe, especially those afraid of needles. The secret to a perfect pout is out.  

Hyaluronic Acid  
The beauty world went crazy for Hylauronic acid last year, but the skin boosting ingredient has been around long before everyone caught onto the movement. The trend won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon either.  Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan is a carbohydrate molecule packed full of endless skin benefits that plump, hydrate, soften, repair and more. It’s pretty much the hero of all skincare heroes. It’s also included in the Bali Body BB Cream that launched in 2016 because of its ability to provide incredible moisture and enhance skin hydration tenfold. It’s not a best selling product for no reason babe, you can thank us later.

Multi-Use Glow 
There is literally nothing better than a multi-purpose glow. One of the biggest trends of 2019 and beyond is a shimmer oil, balm or lotion that delivers the ultimate sun-kissed glow with major bronzed sheen. Apply the shimmer on your body for an all over glow on date night or to your cheekbones for a sheer highlight. The Bali Body Shimmering Body is also ideal for swiping over lips, cheeks and eyes with a small makeup brush. Glow, check. Multi-use, check. Trending, check.

Sheet Masks
When something is off with your skin, a good facial can put you back on the right track in next to no time. Sometimes booking in to see your beauty therapists at the last minute (and finding the funds to do it) isn't as easy as it sounds though. Enter the rise of the sheet mask. Whether your skin concern is acne, dryness, dullness or fine lines and wrinkles, there’s a sheet mask for you. The treatment is not only affordable but picking up your at-home-facial is as convenient as stopping past your local Sephora on your way home from work. Netflix, some snacks and a sheet mask. Night sorted.

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