The Self Tanning Ally You Never Knew You Needed


The Self Tanning Ally You Never Knew You Needed

It's back, but not for long

The Self Tanning plus one we always want to invite to the party.

Let us formally introduce to you our cosmetic revolution in self tanning and product application: Our exclusive Body Blending Brush.

A serial sell out product. A Tik Tok sensation. Our product that sent social media into a frenzy. The product that turns your tan from ‘WOW’, into.. ‘Honestly, HOW?!’

Our Body Blending Brush is your new ultimate accessory for the perfect application - every time. Designed to perfection, this luxe blending brush ensures seamless results and faultless buffing into every contour of your body.

Another reason why we and so many customers have been loving our Blending Brush, is how easy it is to clean and reuse. 

100% vegan friendly in its creation, this blending brush creates a more permanent boundary between the product and your hands, allowing you to ensure your fingers and palms stay clean and sanitary!

How To Use

Here at Bali Body, we are always about creating innovative and cutting edge products that improve your experience in your self-care or self-tan routine.

To use, just apply the desired amount of your chosen product, whether it be the Instant Tan, Ultra Dark Mousse or any of our Self Tanning products directly onto the skin, and blend in sweeping motions. You can also use any cosmetic product you wish, whether it be a body highlighter, or moisturising top up. 

If you are using a self tanning product, this brush is also perfect to use the remaining residue on the areas that tend to catch the product more heavily - such as ankles, hands, elbows and feet. This little gem will blend the product seamlessly into all creases and fine lines, leaving you with a perfect application every time.

Another way to use your blending brush is for facial contour and application. Just hold the brush on a slight angle, apply a small amount of self tanner or cream bronzer to the brush and lightly stroke upwards, away from the face along the cheekbone. This will give you a more natural and accurate effect, letting you look sun kissed and glowing all year round.

Why our customers love

Boasting a mirage of only 5 star reviews, here is what some of our customers have had to say about this Self Tanning accomplice:

The best news? Our Body Blending Brush is back in stock right now!

This cosmetic staple has a tendency to sell out incredibly quickly. 

So if you’re ready to up your tanning game and elevate your look, jump online and shop today!

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