The Bali Body Product That Broke The Internet


The Bali Body Product That Broke The Internet

And here's why...

Do these sound familiar? 

‘Instagram filter in a can’
‘Flawless skin in a bottle’
‘Instant Tan tape challenge’

If they don’t then you may have been living under a rock for the past 6 months!

But if any of these ring a bell for you, you will know that we are talking about our Instant Tan and Body Blending Brush that launched in September last year.

A cosmetic revolution in self tanning, our instant tan sent social media into an absolute frenzy which has now resulted in it being one of our best selling products, ever. 

@bali_body Instant. New. Soon 🔜 🙌🏽✨ #foru #forupage #balibodyresults #viral #tan ♬ original sound - Chris

So what makes this self tanner so special?

Dubbed as the ‘IG filter for your body’, this lightweight aerated spray blurs blemishes, evens skin tone and covers imperfections, instantly. Developed using an innovative aerosol formulation, our Instant Tan is fast drying and ensures minimal transfer. Available in two shades and best applied with our Body Blending Brush, it’s honestly no wonder this tanner created such a frenzy!

Tik Tok made me do it

If you’re an avid Tik Toker, then you would have definitely been privy to at least one of our Instant Tan videos in circulation since its launch in September. 

@bali_body Everytime we post about this product, it goes #viral 🙌🏽 Bali Body Instant Tan available via the link in our bio #balibodyresults #balibody #foru #f ♬ ABBA Mashup - Joebot the Robot 🤖

Grossing tens of millions of views, (and still counting!), our growing library of Instant Tan Tik Toks and IG videos continue to stun people world wide and organically launched this product into our best sellers hall of fame, alongside our Ultra Dark Mousse and Gradual Face Tan.

A multiple sell-out product, customers and commenters agree that this tanner is one for the ages.

What is the tape challenge?

Simple in theory, effective in method - the Bali Body Tape Challenge has now been used globally by customers to showcase not just our Instant Tan but a larger range of our self tanners. 

The concept was born here at BB HQ with the notion of creating a short video to encapsulate the incredible and stark results that could be achieved in seconds. Customers quickly took to this and there was then created the ‘Tape Challenge.’ With notable influencers taking part such as Kara Jewell and Madi Edwards, the trend quickly gained traction and earned its ‘viral’ hashtag.

So if you still have no idea what we are talking about, you better jump on the bandwagon and pick yourself up one of these game-changing tanners. 

 You won’t regret it, and the internet agrees

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