Workouts That Don’t Involve A Treadmill


Workouts That Don’t Involve A Treadmill

Make working out fun

Let's be real, running on the treadmill isn't fun.

If you're anything like us, lacing up your sneakers and jumping on a treadmill ranks pretty high on your “things I never want to do" list. While it’s convenient when you’re trying to get a quick session in to hit your daily step count, there are many more exciting ways to workout. The benefits of regular physical activity are pretty amazing, from reducing anxiety and improving your mood (hello endorphins) to helping with weight loss and even lowering your chances of chronic diseases. The best part is that any type of physical activity is included babes. Swap your standard treadmill sessions for something that will still get your heart rate up, except you'll have a lot more fun while doing it. 

Flow with yoga
Experience ultimate mind and body zen by adding a yoga class to your weekly fitness routine. Whether you do hatha, yin or vinyasa, the yogi-moves will stretch your body and work your muscles more than you realise. There’s a reason why yogi-babes are seriously ripped. While it may seem slow and focused, it’s still going to burn serious calories. The best part? you can save some much-needed funds (for Bali Body) and do it in your lounge room for free. YouTuber, Yoga With Adriene has over 4.9million subscribers and thousands of videos that you can follow from home. If you prefer your workouts to be hot and sweaty, join a bikram yoga class instead and get bendy in a room with soaring temps. Find your happy place and abs with yoga.

Step it up 
Ever wondered how Kim Kardashian got her bod MET Gala ready? She got on the stairmaster, AKA the never-ending incline from hell. There’s no sugar coating it babes, it might not be pretty but it absolutely works. Make the stairmaster your new favourite high intensity cardio workout to build strong lean muscles. It’s the kind of exercise that gets your heart rate up at least 50 percent higher than it usually would be. If it’s good enough for KKW, it’s good enough for us.

Get hiking outside
Take your workout outside and explore the great outdoors and all its glory with a good old fashioned hike. No gym pass or exercise equipment needed, just lace up your hiking boots and take it all in. Victoria’s 1000 steps is a great outdoor workout in the Mount Dandenong’s for a muscle burning workout and serious views. Justin Bieber even visited the landmark on one of his recent visits down under for a day adventure. Enjoy the serenity and make a day out of it a workout buddy or two. 

Get spinning at cycle 
Swap the treadmill for an indoor cycle class at Australia’s version of Soul Cycle. While it’s not the real deal, the classes at Bodhi Ride and United Ride are just as good as the NYC phenomenon. The 45-minute group classes are run by a cycle-pro (and super fit) instructor who will guide you through the high intensity workout with fun ‘let’s do this’ tunes. If you’re ready to up the resistance, tackle hills and pedal with power, book in a spin class today.

Join a dance party
Have a cardio party and dance those calories away. You can join a Zumba class at the gym or hit up your local dance studio for a ‘Beyonce’ themed Hip Hop class. Ever wanted to learn the entire routine to Single Ladies? now is the time to do it. You’ll work up a sweat and have some serious laughs all while listening to great tunes. Dancing in your living room, or on the dance floor with your BFF also counts. Not only will you feel alive with endorphins, but your coffee and buddha bowl will be well deserved afterwards. 

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