5 minutes with Erika Wheaton


5 minutes with Erika Wheaton

Get to know the BB babe behind that killer tan

Erika Wheaton isn't just a BB babe, she's practically family.

Erika has been a fan and customer of Bali Body from the beginning, so it's no wonder she has one of the best tans on Instagram.

Being the co-owner of an online swimwear boutique, Swim Vine, also helps. Erika is never far from a beach, when she's not running her business you'll find her lapping up the sun on an exotic beach shooting content.

Being a sun seeker at heart, Erika has all the tips and tricks to make sure you get your best natural tan.

When do you love to tan?

When you love the sun as much as I do, there’s never a missed opportunity. You can definitely still get a tan when it’s a little cloudy out, don’t be discouraged to tan when it’s shady. But just because it’s a cloudy day doesn't mean I forget about SPF. I like to use the SPF6 tanning oils,  they’re a perfect addition to your tan day. 

What's your number one tip for the perfect tan?

Nobody wants an uneven tan, including myself. So I always make sure to spend the same amount of time tanning both sides of my body. I like to create Spotify playlists to keep track of time when the beat stops you'll know it's time to rotate. It's also a great way to remind you to reapply your Moisturising Sunscreen and fave Bali Body Tanning Oil.

How do you keep your cool on hot days?

One of my fave ways to cool down on a hot day is to spritz some Hydrating Face & Body Mist or go for a quick swim to refresh. I always make sure I reapply my SPF and tanning oil after going in the pool or ocean. On really warm days I like to increase my SPF by applying Bali Body’s Moisturising Sunscreen first and then layering the tanning oil, my current fave is Peach Tanning Oil SPF6.

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