Meet Our #1 Mum Crush


Meet Our #1 Mum Crush

Juliana Mizon talks all things mum life, beauty cheats and morning rituals.

We sat down with our number one mum crush, Juliana Mizon to talk all things mum life, on the go beauty and glowing throughout the seasons.

What is your fave way to start the day?

I would love to say with a workout but my priorities have changed. I’m Colombian so there’s no other answer than with a nice cup of freshly brewed Colombian coffee for energy while I watch the news and wait for the baby to wake up.

As you’re a super busy Mumma and always travelling, how do you keep your skin glowing when you’re on the go?

Thank you! Water! Being in planes for many hours makes my skin so dry, so I always spray lots of Rose Water before taking off and after landing. Also, I drink lots of water and hydrate my skin with LAMER light moisturizer. When I can I get a little treatment at the spa called oxygen facial, for me that does the trick.

Now that you live in chilly London, what’s your secret for extending your tan throughout the cold London winter?

I like to give my skin a break from the sun, I don’t like tanning beds so I love to use tinted moisturisers and bronzing lotions all over my body and face. The Bali Body Bronzing Lotion is amazing!

Since having Edward, what are your 3 fave beauty cheats that are quick but have you looking/feeling your best?

Funny enough I stopped being so obsessed about washing my hair everyday and now with a bit of dry shampoo I leave it dirty (not smelly) for days and it looks so big and sexy all the time. Hahahah who would ever have thought. While carrying the baby I have to go up and down the steps all day. I feel like my legs truly get a good work out. Wearing less makeup. I know as girls we all spend hours watching YouTube videos on how to pile on makeup. Now with the baby I only use concealer, BB Cream and Lip Balm. It takes me 5 mins instead of 45 minutes and my skin looks so fresh and glowy. I feel like I even look younger!

All Bali Body products are compact and perfect for traveling, what’s your favourite product and why?

OMG the BB Cream! I’m obsessed with it. I have been using it now for a bit longer than a year and I absolutely LOVE IT. That little tint makes a huge difference. Makes my skin glow and it feels really light. Never mind that already has SPF15. I love it!

What will you be doing this Mumma’s day?

We will be In France skiing. A little ski holiday with my boys to celebrate my first Mother’s Day. No one can judge how hard motherhood is but also no one can tell you how AMAZING it is. I feel so blessed and lucky. I can’t wait until Edward Duke tells me “ I love you Mum.”

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