Thessy Kouzoukas is the owner of Australian fashion store, she has the perfect wardrobe but was lacking the right nutrition and exercise until Fitaz came along. Bali Body caught up with Thessy to talk about her Fitaz 28 Day Challenge. If Thessy has time to run her clothing empire and get fit, so do you! Check Thessy out after her challenge #wow!

Why did you do the 28 day challenge? / What made you want to do it?

I decided to commit to the 28 day challenge because my new year’s resolution was to live a healthier and fitter life! I’ve always been petite, however I was extremely untoned and had a very inconsistent diet; fluctuating in weight and size from week to week. I wanted some consistency in my life in terms of wellbeing and appearance. The 28 day challenge set me up for a lifetime of movement and educated me on how and why to make healthy choices.

What did you learn about yourself during your 28 day challenge?

During the 28 day challenge I learnt that I can do anything I put my mind to. I also learnt that I am physically stronger than I think, but on the same token I learnt that I suck at cardio more than I thought too!

What was your biggest obstacle during the 28 days?

The hardest element to the challenge was overcoming all mental obstacles that arose. I found it to be 70% a mental challenge and 30% a physical challenge. Telling myself that I didn’t NEED chocolate or fries was the hardest thing of all. Being around and turning down unhealthy food while people surrounding me continued to eat the way I used to eat was definitely challenging.

How does the challenge compare to your normal lifestyle?

The challenge was on the other end of the spectrum to my normal lifestyle. I would skip meals, exercise maybe once a week, have diet coke with most meals believing it was a healthy option because it said “diet”. The challenge taught me the importance of consistent and regular meals; it explains the importance of your metabolism and the benefits of different types of regular exercise.

Are you happy with your results?

I’m over the moon with my results! My biggest difference was the circumference around my waist (measured at my bellybutton) - starting at 76cm, I decreased in size to 69.5cm. I started the challenge at 54.4kg and now weigh in at 50.8kg. My arms have leaned up and look considerably toned and muscly AND not to mention my butt is perkier than ever thanks to all of those squats!

Would you do the Fitaz 28 day challenge again?

I actually never stopped doing the 28 day challenge.. Technically right now i’m on day 39! I’m addicted to the feeling this lifestyle gives me, I love the constant energy i’ve got and watching my body tone and muscles grow!

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking about doing the challenge?

If I can do it, you can do it. Stay motivated - take heaps of progress shots. I took a photo of my body nearly every day and compared them side by side each week.

The best advice you have got on maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

The best advice I got was to listen to my body! My boyfriend, who wrote the challenge, told me to think of the challenge as a 28 day learning curve on how to set up the rest of your life. The detox phase will wipe the slate clean and as you reintroduce foods into your diet you learn to listen to your body and watch the way it reacts to certain foods. This set me up for life; for example knowing that I bloat with wheat encourages me to eliminate it by choosing gluten free alternatives for the future.

What is your favourite exercise / body part to work out?

I love lower body work-outs - squats, lunges, step ups etc. I love the fact that it works so many muscles; it tones your legs, eliminates cellulite, and lifts your bum!

Thessy Saboskirt

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