Treat Yourself This Easter


Treat Yourself This Easter

Because you deserve it

Treat yourself to something a little different this Easter with these must-have sweet gifts.

Perfect for: your lazy long weekend

Long weekends call for Netflix in bed. Nothing says relaxing more than kicking back in bed with your favourite series to binge watch. But who says you can't do it in style. Treat yourself to a silk Slip pillowcase, not only do they look super luxe, they double as a skin & hair saviour too. Made from 100% pure silk, the pillowcase helps to reduce sleep lines and extends the life of your blow-dry. But don't worry, our Face Tan Water won't leave a mark on your new Slip pillowcase. The clear rose water formula doesn't contain any pigments or dyes, now all you have to worry about is when the next episode of You is coming out.

Perfect for: your sweet tooth

Skip processed chocolate for something more natural this Easter. Choose a vegan product like Pana chocolate, made from ethically sustained ingredients. Major bonus, just like Bali Body their chocolate goodies are 100% vegan. It's delicious and guilt-free. Our recommendation is Pineapple & Ginger.

Perfect for: your upcoming vacay

Nothing is sweeter than Bali Body's Cacao Tanning Oil. It's enriched with the chocolately-goodness of cacao. Our Cacao Tanning Oil provides intense hydration while adding an instant hint of tint to your skin, making it perfect for some added colour at the start of your vacay while you work on your deep vacay tan. Available with no SPF, SPF6 and SPF15.

Perfect for: your night out

The best accessory for a night out is a bronzed and glowing tan. Whether its drinks with your BBF's or a night of dancing, a good fake tan is what you need to complete your look. Start by applying a natural looking fake tan the night before to your body. We recommend using our Self Tanning Mousse, it's quick drying, streak free and super believable. The Self Tanning Mousse is green based, making it perfect for a variety of skin tones.

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