5 Minutes With Pia Mance


5 Minutes With Pia Mance

Our babes wanted to know more about Pia, so we asked her your top 10 questions.

Meet, Pia. An Aussie model, influencer, small-business owner and of course dog mum to her adorable fur baby Wolfie!

We loved catching up with Pia to get the goss on all things beauty, work and of course self tanning. Here's what she had to say. 

Can you please give us a brief outline of how you got where you are professionally?
I did my first modelling shoot at 13 and then opportunities just stemmed from there. I met a lot of people along the way, tried new things here and there and decided that I would only do the things I love and here we are.


What is your favourite thing about your job?
The freedom and creativity! I’m not answering to a boss and I get to pick and choose who I would like to work with and how I like things to look. I love it.

What’s your favourite thing about living in London? 
There’s always so much happening in the city. I’ve lived here 4 years and feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface with things to do.

Your motivational quote is? 
'You are the creator of your own life.' I live by this

What is your favourite Bali Body product to use and why?  
Gradual tan!! It’s the perfect colour for a little tan booster and always looks flawless. 

What are you looking most forward to this year?
Travel, travel and travel. Living in London we’re lucky enough with the restrictions (fingers crossed they stay!)

What does a ‘treat yourself’ moment look like to you? 
Making the time to bake something delicious and eating it in bed while watching Sex And The City. That sounds dreamy.

How would you describe your approach to beauty? 
In recent weeks I’ve tried to pull it back, less of everything in terms of skincare and makeup, going back to basics and embracing the natural look! 

What has been the biggest ‘pinch yourself moment’ in your career to date?
Doing a shoot on a yacht in Positano. I honestly couldn’t believe it was real life.

What product can you not live without?
Lip balm! Basic answer but I can’t function with dry lips. 

Describe yourself in 1 word.

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