Why Coconut Oil Belongs In Your Diet & Beauty Regime


Why Coconut Oil Belongs In Your Diet & Beauty Regime

Say hello to your beauty cure-all

If there is one product you shouldn't live out, it’s coconut oil.

Coconut oil is everywhere right now. It’s known as a healthy ‘miracle’ supplement in your diet because of the benefits associated with its abundance of lauric acid (the type of saturated fatty acid that is actually really good for us). Most of us have a jar in our kitchen, but did you know it deserves a spot in our bathroom vanity as well?

If ever there were a beauty cure-all, it would be coconut oil. While its health benefits are pretty great: improves digestion, fights infection and increases metabolism, this multi-tasking hero needs to be in your beauty regime too. Coconut oil is a wonder beauty product because of its bad skin fighting properties. While being antibacterial, antiviral and even antifungal, it’s also high in Vitamin E making it extremely nourishing and hydrating for the skin. In other words, it’s a natural oil that packs a whole lotta power in one punch.

The answer to all your beauty woes could have been in your kitchen cupboard all along babe. Whether you have really dry and irritated skin or you just can’t manage to get your stubborn mascara off, it's time to get some coconut oil in your life. 

Body Moisturiser
Coconut oil has been found to soothe skin inflammation and help hydrate seriously dry skin. Apply it all over your body post-shower and let its moisturising properties sink in. Depending on the level of dryness you're dealing with, you should see results in a matter of days. Bali Body’s Natural Tanning & Body Oil is packed with coconut oil making it the perfect hydrating moisturiser. The multi-tasking liquid gold is so natural that it can be used in place of coconut oil for all things beauty. 

Makeup Remover
After a long day at work, the last thing you want to deal with is stubborn mascara. Sub out your expensive makeup remover for coconut oil. Apply it directly to the face as a cleanser, or let it sit on your skin with a cotton pad. Trust us babe, even the most resistant waterproof mascara won’t stand a chance.

Hair Mask
Fun fact: Coconut oil helps reduce protein loss in your locks, which is essential for hair growth. Another fun fact: hair masks are more fun with your BFF’s. Invite your best babes over for a night of Netflix, popcorn and hair masks. Lather coconut oil all over your locks and scalp and let it do its thing for at least 2-hours. You'll wash it out to reveal mega-shiny luscious locks. There's no time for dandruff and dry scalp around here amirite? 

Body Scrub
Mix half a cup of your Natural Tanning & Body Oil with a handful of coarse salt or sugar to create a natural, cheap exfoliator. Rub it all over your body ensuring you scrub all your dry skin off and then wash the grains away. The moisturising oil will keep working its magic long into the night. We love soft, hydrated skin.

Breath Freshener
It’s called oil pulling and it’s all the rage. Gargling a spoonful of coconut oil for 20 minutes can help clear germs in the mouth, leading to fresher breath, whiter teeth, and healthier gums. This is where its antifungal and antibacterial properties come into play. We don’t call it the multi-tasking beauty staple for no reason.

Lip Balm
Coconut oil is the ideal remedy for chapped lips. It’s also the hero product in our Coconut Lip Balm. Packed with nourishing oils (aka coconut oil & jojoba oil), the SPF enriched balm will smooth & repair dry, cracked lips all day, everyday. 

We don't know about you, but we're off to lather ourselves in coconut oil from head to toe. BRB with soft, smooth skin. 

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