Fake The Glow


Fake The Glow

Self tan - a saviour for babes who aren't jetting off on vacay. Here's how to get the realest self tan you'll ever have.

When the sun's not around, sometimes you just have to fake it. 

Planning your tanning routine can be a logistical nightmare. You've got date night on Thursday, but will it last till that birthday dinner on Saturday? Or that work function on Monday night? Sounds like you need a self tan that can go the distance.

Exfoliate & moisturise to make sure you’ve got the best canvas to start with. If you have time up your sleeve, start this step up to one week prior. Using our Natural Body & Tanning Oil mixed with 1 teaspoon of bicarb soda will create the ultimate scrub. This pantry staple is going to do wonders for an old patchy tan that won't budge.

Bicarb soda works to break down and exfoliate dead skin cells. If you’re a self tan addict, then it’ll also get rid of any lingering tan from the previous weekend. Now if only it could do the same for that awkward guy you met at the bar. Combining Natural Tanning & Body Oil with bicarb soda means you're guaranteed to have the smoothest softest skin come tan day.

Tan Day
To avoid patchy telltale signs of a self tan, it’s important to moisturise any dry areas before you apply self tan. This creates a barrier and stops the tan collecting in dry areas. Use our Luxe Moisturising Lotion and apply to areas such as feet, ankles, knees, elbows wrists and hands.

For the smoothest application, use a self tan mitt, for best results do this straight after the shower. Your skin will be warm and the product will glide on more evenly. Remember to start at the top and blend down.

The secret to a long lasting tan? Hydration. If your skin isn’t nourished and supple then the cracks will start to show. Use our Luxe Moisturising Lotion daily to prolong those golden pins. For an extra boost of hydration, apply our Natural Tanning & Body Oil every second night.

Towards the end of your 'long' lived tan, you may want to even out and fill in the gaps using our Bronzing Lotion. This caramel tinted moisturiser will ensure your tan is looking as fresh as day one and washes off in the shower without causing build-up. 

The key to self tanning success, all comes down to your prep and post tanning ritual. Achieve a perfect sun-kissed look any day of the year with these tips to making sure your self tan sticks around. No patchy tans here with BB.

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