You’re 20 Easter eggs down and into double figures on the hot-cross bun tally as you make your way into the half way point of the easter bender… Oh happy days. But then the aftermath of 3 weeks worth of choc and hot-cross bun overload happens, and the realisation that the tiny speckles of foil wrapper that cover your lounge room floor now resemble that of your face - spotty and uneven... BB to the rescue.

Reacquaint your skin with its former glowing-self with a little T.L.C and some BB Gold. No cray detox’s are required here… just be sure to up your H2O, lower your choc egg intake, get some early nights in, lather lather lather all over in BB Gold, and repeat. BB Gold contains a cocktail of plant-based oils, which work in synergy to nourish, repair, and banish skin nasties {acne, eczema psoriasis and so on}.

Lets break it down now…

Don’t be afraid to oil up your face, oil is a perfect complexions best friend. Face oils are good for the skin barrier, as the oils you put on your face are completely different to the ones emitted through the skin. The babes that are anti face oils are often the ones with oily skin but in fact face oils can be most beneficial for these babes. Bali Body Tanning & Body Oil contains Grape seed Oil, which actually assists in regulating the skins natural production of oil. It’s packed with antioxidants including the skin-brightening Vit C. Pure and powerful – just the way we like it.

Then comes the coconut oil, and there’s good reason for this. This powerful and protective skin goodness is anti-viral {hurrah}, is quickly penetrated, and increases your cell turnover rate – making it prime for skin rejuvenation and general skin glowing goodness. It contains ultra-hydrating nutrients and minerals to quench thirsty skin. Keep up the H2O babes and the BB Gold, as dehydrated skin can lead to excess sebum production, and that’s one thing you don’t need in your life.

And then we top it off with a little Jojoba Oil – a go-to for all skin types. FYI: Jojoba is the only plant in the world known to produce a wax similar to the sebum produced in human meaning it can dive deeper below the surface of the skin to soothe, nourish and clear clogged pores.

Happy skin clearing babes,


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